Canada People Ready Credit Application

Business Established Year/Date:
GST/HST # or SIN (if Self Employed)
( Mark Correct One )
(If yes, please submit certificate)
(if any)
Our terms of sale are net 7 days from date of invoice and shall include GST/HST.
Applicant authorizes TrueBlue to conduct inquiries with financial and other agencies for the purpose of qualifying the applicant for a line of credit. It is understood
that the credit application and account agreement in no way obligates TrueBlue to extend credit to the applicant. In the event a suit or action
is commenced to collect on any past due invoices, the Applicant agrees that TrueBlue shall have the right to bring suit against the Applicant and if this occurs
the Applicant agrees to pay the cost of collection, including reasonable legal fees. The Applicant further agrees that the venue of any suit may be laid in the
appropriate court in the Province in which the debt is due and owing and the laws of such Province shall apply in regard to any collection proceedings for
past due invoices. I/we also understand that past due balances may be subject to a finance charge of 1.5% per month or 18% per annum as may be regulated
by Provincial or Federal legislation and agree to pay said charges.
By execution of this application, and upon its acceptance by TrueBlue, the undersigned agrees to be bound by TrueBlue Terms and Conditions of credit now
existing (as printed on this form hereof) and as hereinafter amended. The undersigned also authorizes the above named bank and trade references to release
credit information to TrueBlue relating to this application.
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